Did you know?

Did you know that Florida lawmakers are currently considering legislation recognizing COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE as a favorable alternative to destructive divorce litigation? Brandon’s very own Senator Tom Lee is sponsoring the new law. Senate Bill 462, which is intended to “encourage the peaceful resolution of disputes and the early settlement through voluntary settlement procedures.” AND…Brandon House Representative, Ross Spano, is sponsoring the House version of the bill, House Bill 503. Brandon lawmakers ROCK, and really CARE about Florida families!!!

While many divorces are already being collaboratively dissolved here in Florida, and several Tampa Bay Area courts have adopted rules and procedures for finalizing collaborative cases, Florida law makers have yet to pass legislation providing for the uniform practice of Collaborative Divorce. The pending legislation will serve to further legitimize the process, effectively inform Florida residents about Collaborative Divorce as an option, and provide uniform standards of practice for collaborative professionals.

Collaborative Practice Professionals are excited about the bills because they are designed, “to preserve the working relationship between parties through a nonadversarial method that reduces the emotional and financial toll” of costly and destructive divorce litigation.
PLEASE call/write your representative in support of the Collaborative Law Act! Florida families deserve a divorce alternative that preserves the dignity and integrity of the FAMILY!

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